John Dulaney
801 Spring Street
Apartment 2 1108
Seattle, WA 98104
(910) 703-7146

Red Hat Certified Engineer number:

Free Software Foundation
Volunteer sysadmin
Migrate from old statusnet to Gnu Social
Assist with email security testing

Advanced Internet Technologies:
Provide support for customer issues
Maintain customer databases
Set up customer testing environments

Red Hat:
Provided technical support to Enterprise customers as part of the Kernel team
Resolved issues such as won't boot, production down situations
Specialized in performance tuning for databases and virtualization (kvm)
Created tools for quickly reproducing customer environments.

Quality Assurance consultant for Blue Stripe Software:
Created test plans and test cases for testing Blue Stripe's network monitoring tool on Suse Enterprise Linux
Manually tested release of Bluestripe's software on SLES

Drafting consultant:
Specialized in modeling water and sewer systems for small towns.
Drew polilines representing pipes in AutoCad using various municipal sources, and then associated data such as pip diameter and, when available, measured flow rates with the pipes. This was used to calculate flow rates throughout the entire system. This could then be used to detirmine pipe diameters necessary for future expansion.

North Carolina Maritime Museum:
Volunteer and later docent
Specialised in ship model restoration, but also worked on full sized boats, doing both restorations and new construction.
Projects included everything from building traditional North Carolina spritsail skiffs to restoring a World War II Higgins Boat (LCVP, Landing Craft Vehicle Personel).
Built several models of traditional North Carolina work boats, as well as restored models for private collectors as well as for the museum collection.

H&H Electric:
Installation of new circuits in houses and businesses
Design and layout of electrical components for newly constructed houses
Troubleshooting of faulty circuits.

Fedora Project:
Automated testing - I am the upstream maintainer and author of Depcheck, an automated dependency checker written in Python. Depcheck can be found here.
Realtime Kernel maintainer - I build the realtime kernel for Fedora, which can be found here.
New release testing (Fedora) - Currently in the Beta stage of Fedora 24
Creation of test plans and cases for new software or features within Fedora - Between releases, I work on updating test cases and release criteria to both fix flaws found during the previous release and to be sure the upcoming release is adequately covered.
ARMv8 - I am working on virtualization on the next generation ARM processor, ARMv8. Fedora is supporting the 64 bit mode, known as aarch64.. Previously worked on the initial bootstrap to get a working quasi-Fedora under which the entire OS could be rebuilt.
ARMv7 - I am quite familiar with ARMv7, even running virtual machines using the qemu/kvm stack with hardware acceleration.
Packager - I maintain several packages in Fedora, including qtile, a tiling window manager written in Python

I am also working on writing my own cloud in Python as sort of an open-source competitor to Digital Ocean. It is still in the very early stages but can be found here.
I also have for the last several years been volunteering as stage crew at a large music festival known as Merlefest. Duties include setup and teardown of audio equipment (speakers, mixers, amps, etc.) as well as setting bands up on stage. This latter can be as simple as put their one mic stand out to, in the instance of the Zack Brown Band one year, setting up a 53' trailer's worth of equipment and props.

References available on request